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Staff Updates

All staff members are expected to familiarize themselves with this FastCommandTM Digital Disaster Response site. Please review disaster plans, resources, and weather updates as needed which are located on this website. 

During an actual incident this site will serve as an information clearinghouse for official directives. It is important that all staff regularly visit this site to familiarize themselves with hospital disaster processes for public, staff, and institutional disaster response.

Mock TJC Survey Day 1

Administrative Council SWAT groups policing their areas of responsibilities

A Regulatory Team is standing by in D-405 to respond as needed

All are requested to have their areas and staff "Inspection Ready"

As of this time our Administrative Council SWAT groups are addressing opportunities for improvement and have identified "Hallway Clutter" as the number one issue being addressed today.

Mock TJC Survey Day 2

1 Surveyor will be visiting the following Ambulatory locations: Voorhees Surgical Center, Cooper Digestive Health Institute in Mt. Laurel and potentially some additional outpatient hospital based services.

2 Surveyors will be in the hospital and they have indicated they will be touring CCU, K-10, Pharmacy and potentially Peds.

Please be advised they reserve the right to survey at any locale, even those previously surveyed so all should remain "Inspection Ready".

The following represent some of the "repeated" findings during yesterday's surveys:

    Corrugated boxes present in patient care areas
    High Dust
    Staff unable to articulate unit evacuation plan (See 
    Unit Emergency Preparedness Guide)
    Staff unable to articulate R.A.C.E. & P.A.S.S. (see rear of 
    nametag, Unit Emergency Preparedness Guide)  
    Unsecured O2 Tanks
    Expired food items in the pantry refigerators
    Insulin not dated
    Temperature Logs are not completed
    Pill crushers and splitters are dirty

Surveyors are at lunch.  There is an error in the navigation to the New Innovations site sent out in today's PINPOINT.  Corrections are being made and updates to follow.
The Surveyors are scheduled to review N7, Peds, the Cath Lab, Chemo Pharmacy, K8 and OR this afternoon.

Mock TJC Survey Day 3

The plan for today is for the surveyors to perform hospital tracers, systems tracers and closed chart review.
The Life Safety Tracer will conduct EOC and EMC interviews
Please be advised the Surveyors reserve the right to inspect any area at any time.

Please see Day 2 "findings" and ensure those areas are mitigated on your unit/department.

Surveyors are at lunch and will resume tracer rounds in the afternoon.

Mock TJC Survey Day 4

Clarification from previous IMT notification:

Mock survey team is here for Day 4 and final day of survey. 

Findings so far have been:
1. Dust on top of Omnicells
2. Unsecured meds
3. Unsecured scripts they are being left on the printer
4. Open cardiac electrodes with no open date
5. IV fluid warmer above range staff unable to speak to 
        process to correct
6. Code cart logs inconsistent process for documentation
7. Plan of care consistent with patient picture
8. HLD process, staff competency etc. 
9. Outdated look alike/sound alike signs regulatory has 

The schedule for today include:
Tracers in Radiology, lab, dialysis. Then system tracer for data management and HR file review. 

Please continue to keep your areas survey ready. 

The Surveyors and Rounding Teams have completed their unit inspections and are meeting to develop their wrap up plan.