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EXERCISE SECURITY ALERT LOCKDOWN DRILL/EXERCISE-(Moorestown Campus Only this Drill-Leaving Site Up for training purposes at this time) 

SECURITY ALERT-Hostile Event-(Exercise Participants)
Actions to take if this were an actual event and it occurs on or near your unit/area
Only perform items in BOLD for this Exercise 
Call Security x655 (911 outside of hospital)
DO NOT enter area of concern
Follow directions from Security and/or Police
NOTE: You May be Directed to Stay in Your Area if Perpetrator/s is/are isolated to another building/floor. (If so, lockdown your area, shut off lights/devices, stay away from windows or side of unit facing area of concern)

Critical Information/Points to Remember
You, your coworkers, our patients and their families safety is of primary importance
Call for help immediately while remaining calm and warning others
RUN-Escape if possible or directed to do so, with hands raised, fingers spread and don't wait for others to follow. AVOID area if remote from same as we will notify all CUHC personnel if there is an event at any CUHC occupancy.
*HIDE-If escape is not possible or advised by Security/Police proceed to a room/area that can be locked/barricaded, turn off the lights, close the blinds and turn off devices that emit sound. (Secure unit as swiftly and safely as possible to DENY entry of those intent on doing harm)
Keep everyone out of site, stay away from windows and get behind concrete walls, thick desks, file cabinets, etc.

Have 1 person call Security via 856-342-2400 if in the hospital or Police via 911 if outside of the hospital and let them know where you are, who is with you, the description and location of the person with the weapon if known and if you saw any victims, devices, etc. Do Not Call 911 for an EXERCISE
Wait until you hear an "ALL CLEAR" by Security/Police, when in doubt verify via 911 (Do not respond to any Code Red/Fire alarm)
When instructed to leave have hands open, raised and exit as directed by law enforcement
FIGHT-Only as a last resort should you engage the person with the weapon and DEFEND yourself as though your life depends on it as it may
      Use makeshift weapons such as fire extinguishers, (Discharge in face, strike with bottle), IV poles, throw items at attacker/s, and engage as a group if others are present.

In an actual event respond to the below form ONLY if assistance is required UNLESS instructed otherwise via IMT messages. (This will allow those that have an immediate Life Safety need to have their messages viewed more rapidly) Consider practicing with it during the exercise.


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