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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines

In-Patient Areas

  • Limit unnecessary room entries to avoid overuse of PPE by multiple personnel and multiple times per shift
  • Limit the number of people entering a room for rounds to conserve supplies
  • Limit number of people entering isolation rooms to those only required to be in the room to provide patient care

    • Students or residents accompanying attendees remain in anteroom and listen to from outside the door to avoid overuse of PPE
    • Nursing coordinate number of times in and out of the room with other needs such as delivering meals or medication administrations to reduce use of PPE

  • Only essential personnel enter the patient care area

Procedure Masks & N95 Respirators

  • Remove masks from respiratory etiquette stations and distribute on an as needed basis
  • Inform employees that they cannot take masks, N95s, or any other PPE home for personal use; unauthorized removal of hospital supplies is considered theft of hospital property and can result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination
  • Only use N95s for suspected or confirmed patients with airborne infections, e.g. tuberculosis and measles
  • Reuse N95s when appropriate and according to CDC recommendations
  • Do not use N95s for droplet precautions
  • Do not use N95s if you have not been fit tested
  • Store N95 respirators in a secured location within the department and distribute to healthcare personnel as needed

Other PPE

  • Place extra exam gloves which may come out of the box back into the box; do not throw away clean, unused exam gloves
    Do not use extra exam gloves as a tissue to pick up trash
  • Do not double-glove when not necessary
  • Only use masks with face shields when necessary for droplet precautions
  • ALL hospitals are currently under restricted allotments of PPE from their manufacturers/distributors. Employees must participate in utilization reduction practices of PPE to prevent outages which will drastically impede the ability to provide patient care over the next several months.