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Actions to take when receiving a RITN Activation Request 
Activate the RITN IMT via 856-968-7500 (External) AND TigerConnect IMT
An RITN Activation IMT will be stood up consisting of the Emergency Management Officer/Designee, RSO/Designee, AOC, SNL, CODs, RITN Coordinator/s, RITN/BMT Medical Director/Designee, MDA Clinical/Admin Leadership, and other support personnel based on incident/event dynamics.
The below RITN Incident Response Guide, Initial RITN Incident Action Plan and RITN CONOPS shall be utilized to inform initial and ongoing CUHC RITN Operations:

RITN Incident Response Guide
RITN Activation Incident Action Plan-Initial
INTERNAL Notifications: Notifications to CUHC (Internal Personnel shall be made through FASTCOMMAND, TigerConnect and/or AMION)
EXTERNAL Notifications:  Notification to Regional Partners will be made via FASTCOMMAND, NJOEM EMMITT, NJ and PA JUVARE and/or Contact List maintained in the MCC
NJ OEM Coordinators Contact List
NJ County Health Officers Contact List
New Jersey Poison Control Center

NOTE: Cooper University Health Care is a member of the Radiation Injury Treatment Network (RITN). As such we have agreed to assist in the response to a distant radiological mass casualty incident resulting in marrow toxic injuries About RITN

Critical Information/Points to Remember
Patients are from a distant incident and have usually been in the system for several hours/days.
While it is anticipated that appropriate decontamination would have occurred our RSO/Designee will verify using current CUHC SOG:

Radiation Decontamination Wall Chart
Radiation Short Version Operational Decon Plan

Our Landing Area for reception of RITN patients will be the Decon Area adjacent to TAA/ED or the Rooftop Helicopter Resuscitation Area, with both fielding Decon Capabilities
RITN web based or just-in-time training will be assigned by the RITN Medical Director, RITN Coordinator and/or Emergency Management Officer depending on your roles and responsibilities: RITN Web Based Training RITN Just-In-Time Training
Obtain initial BMT and/or HEM/ONC capacity and report it initially, then daily no later than 1300hrs (1:00PM) via Radiation Injury Treatment Network and look for the link "RITN Portal" at the top of the page.
Casualties from a mass casualty incident who have marrow toxic injuries will require intensive care to recover. The Radiation Injury Treatment Network SM (RITN SM) makes triage and treatment guidelines available to all medical providers to help respond to catastrophic disasters: RITN Treatment Guidelines, Order Sets, Protocols, etc. 
IAEA Emergency Preparedness and Response Group provides A Manual for Medical Personnel entitled: Medical Management of Persons Internally Contaminated with Radionuclides in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency
RITN Initial and Daily Capability Report 
Complete upon initial activation and then by Noon each Day for daily submission to the RITN by 1300hrs.
RITN Initial/Daily Report