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ENDEX Transmitted

Update #3 and Closeout:

All patients from scene have been received at CUH (ED/TAA) and initial care rendered and are standing down from exercise

The Family Assistance/Response Center has processed 2 unaccompanied minors along with the 3 previous family members and is securing operations

The PIO Media Center at the Mil-Daf Embassy is standing down at this time

A HOTWASH will commence at the MCC D-403

Please complete any/all reports/paperwork

Parking is available for participants in the Joint Services Lot, MLK Blvd and Broadway with access from Stevens Street.


Update #2:

The FMP is clear of all victims/patients 

ED, Trauma and MCC awaiting EMS Tally of estimated patients and triage categories

Family Assistance Center has processed 3 Family members

PIO staffed at Mil-Daf.  Media inquiries regarding if there is an active threat.  
There is a reinforced law enforcement and security presence at the hospital campus.  The facility is on lockdown per protocol with internal and external ingress and egress routes in place to direct patients, victims, family, etc., to the appropriate location via the appropriate route.  The Environment of Care remains safe.  Any/All queries relative to scene operations are being directed to the City/County PIO Dan Keashen via 856-225-5431 or until a JIC is established.

ED, Trauma and MCC awaiting EMS Tally of estimated patients and triage categories

Updates to follow.
(NOTE:  Field Units are rehabilitating their equipment, staff, supplies, and scene at this time



Casualties starting to arrive via POV and EMS.  

Awaiting update from EMS relative to number of casualties and triage categories

ED and Trauma Alerted

CUHC Disaster Declared and MCC/EOP is activated

All Departments to activate Unit/Department BCP/Disaster Plans (Notional except ED and Trauma)

MCC simulating contacting area hospitals with County Comms for Bed Tally's

MCC simulating contacting all Level I and Level II Trauma Centers in SEPA, DE and NJ

Security performing lock down and establishing ingress/egress routes around the hospital campus

A Family Assistance Center is set up at the CMSRU 401 Broadway, Camden, NJ 08103  

Direct any family/friends/caregivers making inquiries about victims to the Family Assistance Center.

The PIO group is setting up at the Mil-Daf Embassy located at 408 Chambers St., Camden, NJ 08103 

Direct all Media to that location or to the Direct PIO Contact Number of 856-904-1688 (Wendy Marano)

Updates to follow